About Kroonluchters.com

Sander Bimmel is the driving force behind the store. For many years he has combined his expertise of buying and selling European antiques with a huge fascination for authentic historical craftsmanship. ‘Each of our chandeliers is a unique object with its own history’, he says. ‘Craftsmen manufactured the frames, branches and cut glass decoration by hand often more than a hundred years ago.’

Where do our chandeliers and mirrors come from?

We import our chandeliers and mirrors directly from France, Belgium and Italy. Through our good and long lasting contacts we are able to offer high quality products at competitive prices.

Are antique chandeliers 100% safe?

Yes. Before displaying them for sale each of our antique chandeliers is carefully cleaned and rewired to European and U.S. standards. As the quality and safety of our chandeliers is our top priority, we give a five year guarantee!

Are antique chandeliers and mirrors suitable for a modern interior?

Absolutely! Antique chandeliers and mirrors are both functional and stylish and a jewel for all kinds of interiors, from charming town houses to modern apartments, from traditional farm houses to exclusive mansions. There is a distinct charm to a home that is decorated with a blend of the new and old, and having a retro chandelier or mirror is a good way to accomplish this look. The combination of contemporary design and an antique chandelier or mirror often has a stunning effect!